• Women's Deadlift Belt 2-ply


    The Womens deadlift belt is made from 2 ply 3" wide Woven Nylon webbing to give the strongest support, while allowing you to deadlift without pinching your hips and stomach the way a traditional leather belt does. Our belts fasten with industrial strength Velcro, so you never have to worry about the belt popping open or slipping During the middle of a heavy lift. This simple answer came about while Spud was watching his wife do rack deadlifts one day and noticed the belt kept rolling up into the rib cage and limiting range of motion so she had a harder and uncomfortabletime getting to the bar. Since the belt is 3 inches and flexes with the body, it gives the same support and reliabilty as a leather belt while keeping your grimace factor down while you lift you personal record.

    The Spud Inc deadlift belt is versitile in that while it is great for deadlifting, it can be used for many other movements where added support and stability is needed such as bent over rows, squats, and overhead pressing. The womens Spud,Inc. deadlift belt will be your favorite belt for everything!