• Glyco-Infusion


    The latest rage in bodybuilding and workout nutrition is peri-workout nutrition. Webster’s Dictionary defines peri as “about or around.” So all peri-workout nutrition means is nutrition “around or about” the workout. So to have a successful workout one would need 2 components. 1) Carbohydrates 2) Protein. The best way to build muscle efficiently according to the cutting edge knowledge, is to have fast acting carbs before, during and after your workout. ALR Industries Glyco-Infusion is the perfect product to fit this bill. It is comprised of Hydrolyzed Rice Solids, MCT Oil, and a digestive enzyme complex. The Hydrolyzed Rice Solids are broken down into slow, medium, and fast acting carbohydrates. This was way your body gets a steady flux of carbohydrates that doesn’t cause an insulin spike. Why is this important? Why not just eat a Snickers Bar before a lift? Simple sugars sit in the stomach a long time before being released. Once they get released, the body has a massive blood glucose increase. In response, an equally high insulin release drives blood glucose down. The result, you crash! No energy! Not a good way to finish a training session. ALR Industries Glyco-Infusion continuously feeds your muscles throughout training and after so there is no blood sugar crash. MCT oil is added as well. Fat? I thought fat was bad and slowed digestion. Not MCT’s. They go directly to the liver where they get converted to energy. The beauty of this is two fold. You get a second energy source to fuel your training and it can’t be stored as fat. To top the product off, ALR Industries added a digestive enzyme complex to ensure maximal absorption of the Glyco-Infusion. Just add ALRI Chain’d Out or ALR Industries Humapro and you have a perfect peri-workout drink! Time to get those fat free mass gains. Order Glyco-Infusion today and make those gains you have been dreaming of!